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Our story

The Fallshaw Group of companies have engineering roots and proud histories of making products to world standards.

Wheelchair made by Percy Fallshaw in the 1920s

Starting as a wheelchair company in 1920, Percy Fallshaw manufactured wheels and invalid's chairs from a factory in Melbourne.

It was then managed for 45 years by Robert Fallshaw, under whose leadership the company started making castors, developing its manufacturing expertise and building an enviable sales network to make it one of the world's leading castor companies. In 1995, Robert expanded the Fallshaw product range by acquiring Liftmaster Materials Handling and its line of bin lifters.

After Robert's regretful passing in 2005, his daughter Jo took over as the Managing Director and owner, and continues the tradition of developing innovative products, and manufacturing well-designed, cost effective, quality castors, delivered in-full and on-time with great service and technical support.

In 2006, Fallshaw acquired Electrodrive (established in 1987)—with its own proud history in design and manufacture of powered materials handling products. As sales grew and the service division of Electrodrive expanded, we established a new company called Serviced Equipment, utilising the team's expertise in providing repairs, maintenance and fitting, not just for Electrodrive products but for a wider range of powered materials handling equipment as well.

A history of innovation

The group's range expanded further when it was joined by Queensland based materials handling retailers and Fallshaw distributors, Castors and Industrial Products in 2015—bringing with them their expertise in conveying and lifting equipment, and The Wheel & Trolley Shop in 2016 (later renamed to Custom Engineered Solutions) a provider of purpose built mobility solutions.

Today the Fallshaw Group boasts an extensive range of powered and mobile materials handling solutions that are designed to increase productivity while keeping your workplace safe from all types of manual handling injuries. And while not all workplaces and situations are the same, we will create a solution for your particular situation where one does not yet exist.

As experts in mindful moving, we can help our customers improve safety, productivity and profit in any process that involves pushing, pulling or lifting.

We strive for intelligently simple and smart product design, where our mobility products are deceptively simple and elegant, with an interface that is intuitive and easy to use.

Our products are not constrained by traditional approaches and we enjoy doing things differently. We think anew about material selection and manufacturing technology and we radically reinterpret mobility product design.

Innovative products by Fallshaw Group