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Our solutions

Mobility solutions to help you push, pull and lift with ease.

As experts in mindful moving, we can help our customers improve safety, productivity and profit in any process that involves pushing, pulling or lifting.

Fallshaw Group provides an extensive range of powered and mobile materials handling solutions that are designed to increase productivity while keeping your workplace safe from all types of manual handling injuries. And while not all workplaces and situations are the same, we will create a solution for your particular situation where one does not yet exist.


Hospitals, aged care facilities, medical facilities

Food & beverage

Kitchens, hotels, conference centres, catering and manufacturers of food/beverage.


Waste, construction, mining, factories, warehouse.


Supermarket, shops, retail outlets, chain stores.


Hospitals, veterinarians, hotels; aged care; commercial linen services, laundries, casinos.


Aviation, airline or ground support, rail industry, logistics, warehouse.


Theme parks, caravan parks, apartment block basements, storage facilities, sports grounds.

Business & education

Offices, schools, universities, institutions.