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Move-safe solutions in healthcare

Fallshaw Group are a single-source solution provider for the healthcare industry, providing mobility solutions and products to businesses all over Australia and the world.

Mobility solutions to help you push, pull and lift with ease

We build and supply products that are designed to minimise the risk of workplace accidents and injuries associated with pushing, pulling or lifting heavy loads.

Working with healthcare facilities, we help improve outcomes in push/pull processes and patient safety. We also work with industrial end users to improve move-safe processes. Our products are ergonomically designed to improve safety.

Ergonomically designed products to improve safety


Move safely and easily with intuituve controls

Smooth and easy to control

Control interface designed for human scale and tactile feedback, to ensure smooth predictable, non-jerky positional control.

If you were steering a bicycle, would you want handle bars or a joystick?

Move safely and easily with a powered tug

Easy to steer

Move from awkward shoulder and wrist positions that cause strain, to a natural walking position. 

While there are a wide variety of powered tugs on the market to choose from, only Electrodrive tugs are ergonomically designed to keep the operator in front of load—providing maximum forward vision, reducing the risk of collisions with other people, equipment and structures.


Read more about Electrodrive's ergonomics


Easy-to-use, intuitive controls that require minimal training


Intuitive controls


Improve your work processes

Replace manual handling with powered solutions


Move safely and easily with a powered bed mover

Move beds easily and efficiently

Motorised bed movers take the strain out of moving heavy loads and save valuable time.

Beds up to 800 kg can be moved effortlessly by one person.


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Lift and empty heavy, awkward wheelie bins with ease

A Liftmaster bin lifter enables a single user to lift up to 250 kg with ease, while reducing the risk of strain or injury associated with back and side strain.


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Move multiple heavy, awkward wheelie bins with ease

A battery powered bin trolley is simple to use and can move up three wheelie bins weighing up to 400 kg.


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Bulk laundry or linen exchange made easy

Using a Gzunda Linen Mover or Electrodrive Tug can eliminate manual handling risks by ensuring staff are towing (not pushing) heavy linen trolleys, giving an unobscured view of what’s ahead.

Carts can often be linked together so that one person can move multiple carts at a time. 


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Our product range

Some of the products we offer for the healthcare industry

Engineering and maintenance:

Castors and wheels for:


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Move-safe solutions in healthcare
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